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At Bixa, one of our core values is Collaborate & Co-Create.

That is to say, we believe that what we create together is always going to be better than what we create alone

WE know online marketing and YOU know your business and your customers. It’s precisely this collaboration that makes for a successful, results-driven outcome.

So, instead of tackling all your marketing challenges alone, why not bounce your ideas off other like-minded business owners?

These calls are informal. (Come when you can, stay as long as you want.)

And, you don't even have to ask a question. You can learn a lot just by listening to questions from other business owners. 

Plus, it's likely someone on the call is working through a marketing problem or project that's similar to what you're currently doing.

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Hi, I'm Lauren Pawell!

I’m the founder and owner of Bixa Media, a digital marketing consultancy, where we help business owners generate, qualify and nurture more leads online WITHOUT increasing their traffic volume, growing their social media following or investing more in paid advertising.

In our free Monthly Marketing Chats, I'll answer your most pressing questions over Zoom, once a month...

“Thank you for your generosity and insight. 

There are so many B2B influencers selling their programs and people throw money at them... while they may have good things to say, it gets overwhelming managing a little FOMO and knowing who is a good voice to follow. So much noise. 

I love how you break it down to small action items that make a difference instead of ever-learning and spinning wheels.”

 - Amber Fife

    Women Create Weekly

Join Us For Our Free Monthly Marketing Chats

Want free Marketing Advice? Jump On Zoom Monthly With Us...At No Cost to you.

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